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Welcome to new Masterbloodfer Website, the doujinshi archive from the website. Everything you might have missed in previous updates is right here available for you. On top of that this website offers you exclusive doujinshi never released on the regular website before! 

What about Masterbloodfer?
The regular masterbloodfer is a very well known doujinshi website with thousands of visitors and very frequent updates! Hence it’s major popularity among the doujinshi collectors and lovers. Now because the massive amount of traffic coming to that site only 1 or 2 updates at the time stay on the site to reduce bandwidth usage. This means that sometime people miss an update but now don’t worry that’s why this website has been made. The ultimate Doujinshi Archive!!

Just like original Masterbloodfer website this website will be updated frequently, at least every 3 days a brand new update on the date galleries! And very frequent updates in the other sections as well making this a very interesting deal. 

Other benefits
Another benefit of this new website is you are able to download releases VERY fast and VERY easy. The archives come with 2 functions, browse through the doujinshi picture-by-picture in some pages or use the all new .zip file download function. This allows you to easily download the entire doujinshi or Hentai Manga without having to save every page one by one! 

Exclusive and more!
Aside the easy and fast downloading you also get access to the exclusive MasterBloodfer releases. Hand picked releases by MasterBloodfer himself, mostly because of the high quality of the art, content and scans. The Exclusive page alone is already worth visiting this website. Another very nice addition to this website is that if you become a member of this website you also get access to 800 other websites, with a gathered content of 5TB (5,000GB!). Some well known websites under this same collective are Hentai Palm, Master Yoshi, Hentai Pyramid, Hentai Move base, Hentai Movie Planet and many many more.